Monday, 6 August 2012

New species of fruit bat discovered in Indonesia

New bat found on Sulawesi but in danger from hunting and trapping 

August 2012. A new species of fruit bat has been discovered in Indonesia. In the genus ThoopterusT. suhaniahae, has been found on the islands of Sulawesi, Talaud and Wowoni in Indonesia. 

The new species of Thoopterus is a medium-sized fruit bat found in Sulawesi and small adjacent island groups. It is found in primary forest at middle and low land altitudes. The discovery of a second species ofThoopterus endemic to Sulawesi and adjacent islands provides further evidence that Sulawesi is a ‘hot spot' of bat evolution.

Unfortunately, ongoing large scale hunting and trapping of fruit bats in the north and parts of Central Sulawesi and elsewhere, seriously endangers the survival of this species as well as other fruit bats on these islands.

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