Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Eight firefighters and RSPCA worker still can't get cat out of tree after four days

A TROUBLESOME cat stuck up a 65ft tree drew quite a crowd as eight firefighters tried to rescue the forlorn feline.

Five-year-old Narla, a cream and grey tortoiseshell, yesterday spent her fourth night stuck up a large oak tree in Royal Navy Avenue, Keyham, despite a two-hour attempt by specialist firefighters and RSPCA workers to free her.

Narla's owner Tracey Bull said she last saw her mischievous moggy on Tuesday morning.

She said: "I was told by a friend's son that Narla was stuck up a tree in Royal Navy Avenue – it's a good 10 minute walk from my house.

"It's awful to see her up there – she's crying. But she doesn't seem to have any intention of coming down. I can't fault the RSPCA and the fire service, they tried everything to get her down. I'm pretty confident they will rescue her today."

Eight firefighters from Camel's Head specialist rescue team were called to the incident at around 2pm yesterday.

Watch manager Nigel Toms said: "We unfortunately reached a point where it became unsafe to go on, so with the help of the RSPCA we put some blankets and food lower down the tree to entice Narla out. She is a very nervous cat and we seemed to attract quite a lot of attention today and because of the noise Narla wouldn't play ball. Eight firefighters does sound a lot but we need that many for safety reasons."

RSPCA Inspector Beccy Wadey, who was also at the scene yesterday, said Narla looked to be in good condition and was mobile. She said: "Yesterday afternoon we left blankets and wet food for Narla slightly lower down in the tree in an attempt to get her to come down. Narla has gone right to the end of a branch and it has not yet been possible to get her down. Eventually cats tend to come down of their own accord, but sometimes it does take them a while to work it out. We will re-attempt to free her today."

As The Herald went to press Tracey, Narla's owner, said her beloved cat was safely curled up on the blankets left for her by the RSPCA and firefighters.

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