Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Albino fallow deer near Dunkeld

White fallow deer near Dunkeld, Scotland
February 2013.  David Forsyth sent us some images of what appears to be an albino deer that he spotted in February near Dunkeld in Scotland.
Photo: David Forsyth

Mr Forsyth said "I was driving out of Dunkeld on Monday 11th February 2013 when my partner spotted what she thought was a large goat grazing at the edge of woodland. On closer examination it turned out to be an Albino Deer. I came across your web site and an article regarding a sighting in the same area by a Mr Thomas Plant from Dunkeld last May. Perhaps this is the same Deer?"

Wildlife Extra doesn't believe that it is the same deer, as the 2012 images look to be of an older deer than the recent images, though it may well be from the same family.

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