Sunday, 24 February 2013

Kevin Martuscello Films Bobcat Standoff On Carrollton, Tex. Lawn

A man from Carrollton, Tex. recorded two bobcats seemingly about to fight -- right in someone's front yard.

Kevin Martuscello filmed the massive felines with a smartphone while he sat feet away in his car. In the video, uploaded to YouTube, the two cats are in a loud and aggressive standoff.
Carrollton residents are used to seeing bobcats, but not in such close vicinity, CBS Dallas/Fort Worth reported.

Mike Martuscello, Kevin's father, told the station that moments before the standoff, the cats actually fought.

“They were clawing and scratching, biting at each other, jumping up and down in the air. It was a wild scene,” he said. “Literally, it was a real cat fight."

Bonnie Bradshaw, wildlife specialist, says the cats were both two males, most likely "squabbling over territory," as mating season approaches, according to Fox 4 News.

However, it's rare for two bobcats to be seen together in an urban setting, John Padgett, a game warden for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, told the Dallas Morning News.
Animal Control officials in Carrollton said that no reports of injuries to either pets or people have come in, CBSDFW reported. Still, residents are being asked to keep pets and children indoors if possible.

Bradshaw noted that bobcats are not a threat to children, but instead to small animals like rabbits and squirrels.

Padgett had a similar sentiment, stating: "We're not on their menu."

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