Monday, 1 April 2013

Brave foxes turn nature on its head

An amateur photographer captured the moment that a pair of brave foxes turned nature on its head in Africa - by chasing off a cheetah.

The hungry predator had been stalking one of the bat eared foxes as a potential dinner in Tanzania.

But the big cat found itself on the run after its prey teamed up with another fox and turned on their assailant, which was forced to sprint off.

Astrid Kindsvogel caught the strange chase on camera while on safari in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

She said: "We came across a cheetah and close by was this bat-eared fox that was resting.
"I was thinking this could turn into something very interesting and then the cheetahs spotted the fox and started stalking it.

"But within seconds another fox paired up with the other and they tried to look as big as possible by making their hair, in particular on their tails, stand on end.

"Before I knew it the foxes were chasing the cheetah. It looked to me like it was a bit of a game and they weren't interested in hurting each other."

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