Saturday, 20 July 2013

Swede bloodied in surprise beaver attack

Taking advantage of the first truly hot summer weekend in Stockholm, Sofie Adde was blissfully unaware that a casual dip would end in blood and stitches after a beaver mistook her thigh for lunch. 

Sofie Adde from the Gröndal neighbourhood of Stockholm was enjoying her first swim of the summer in the Mälaren Lake when the beaver pounced. 

"I went out for a quiet dip and had swum out a few meters when I noticed something underneath the water. Next thing I felt a pain in my thigh and up came the head of the beaver," Adde, 40, told The Local. 

"It gave me quite a surprise," the startled swimmer added.

"I wasn't sure what was going on as the beaver (dived) back down and I got scared and swam away immediately."

Following the attack, Adde had to have stitches and a tetanus shot. She doesn't harbour any ill-feeling towards the beaver, however, whom she claims she has seen before. 

"I've been down to the lake several times and I've seen this beaver in the past. There are a couple of beavers there and it is very unusual for something like this to happen."

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