Friday, 19 July 2013

Two lynx released in Coto Donana to increase genetic diversity

Spanish Lynx Project
July 2013. In an effort to increase the genetic variability of the population of Iberian lynx in Coto Doñana National Park, LIFE-Lynx have been running a series of carefully planned relocations of lynx from other areas. 

Since 2007, four lynx from the Sierra Morena have been released in Doñana, two of whom have subsequently reproduced and so introduced their genes into the Donana population. This has restored some genetic diversity that had been lost to the in the twentieth century. 

On July 1 2013, two more Lynx were released as part of within this program; in this case the two lynx were again from the Sierra Morena , though these two have been part of the captive breeding program. These animals, known as Jabalcuz and Jarena, (male and female respectively), were born and raised in the breeding centre in La Olivilla, which opened in 2006. The two lynx are currently sharing pre-release training and acclimatisation, in an attempt to create a bond between, and so far the indications are that the interactions between them have been very positive.

3 deaths
However, in the last couple of months, at least 3 lynx have died, two of which were hit by cars. A 4 year old male was found by the side of a road between the villages of Hinojos and Villamanrique de la Condesa to the south-west of Seville. 

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