Saturday, 20 July 2013

New species of shrew identified in Vietnam

Don't judge by the looks: Molecular analysis reveals a new species of white toothed shrew
July 2013. The white toothed shrew genus Crocidura is known as the largest mammal genus, with more than 180 species distributed around the world. A recent genetic analysis of the white toothed shrew fauna of Vietnam revealed misinterpretations of previous morphological studies of the species, including the description of a new species of these very small mammals. 

Describing new mammal species is an unusual event nowadays when mammal fauna has been by and large already thoroughly studied by zoologists during the previous centuries. Molecular analysis, however, presents an additional tool for the complex cases of morphological analysis, thus helping scientists uncover previous mistakes, and even find previously overlooked species.

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  1. We have a shrew in school. Can anyone identify? Lombok, Indonesia, photo on


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