Friday, 6 September 2013

Hedgehog has lucky escape after run-in with badminton net

This hedgehog was feeling more than a little prickly after getting stuck in a badminton net.

Vets who treating the prickly mammal the said the net acted like velcro when it caught on his spines and in his mouth.

The tangled hedgehog was found by a member of the public in a garden in Chard, Somerset, before they called the RSPCA.

‘Had we not been called he would not have survived,’ said officer Dudley Clements, who helped rescue the animal. ‘He had a lucky escape.

‘It may have looked like a simple kid’s badminton net but it was hazardous for this hedgehog.’

It is not known how long the hedgehog had been entangled, but he had been unable to move or feed for a while, the charity said.

‘This serves as a reminder for people who use garden sports sets to always ensure they are safely removed and stored,’ added Mr Clements.

‘Any discarded netting should be safely placed in a bin and I would ask anyone with a net in their garden to please consider the consequences for animals and birds.’

The hedgehog has made a quick recovery and it is hoped he will be released back into the wild soon.

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