Monday, 21 October 2013

Tweed snakes enjoying the great indoors (Australia) – via Herp Digest

10/3/13, Northern Star, by Michael Stanford-- As the weather warms up and Tweed residents are outside enjoying the sunshine, while snakes are slithering inside homes seeking shelter.

A spate of hot weather has resulted in snakes seeking shade in Tweed homes this spring, as local residents report reptile home invasions along the coast.

Lance Tarvey, a ranger from Tweed Parks and Wildlife said September and October was the peak season for snake activity.

"At the end of the cold season there will be a burst of activity as snakes begin to seek shade ... they'll be hungry and they'll be actively seeking mates," Ranger Tarvey said.

While the most common snakes in the Tweed area have been identified as the innocuous Carpet Python and Green or Brown Tree snake, Ranger Tarvey still recommends exercising caution when dealing with the reptile.

"It's likely they'll (snakes) run from you, but in a situation when they don't, leave the snake with space to escape and then refer to a licensed snake handler" Ranger Tarvey said.

Reptile handler Allen Burnett, who volunteers for National Parks and Wildlife Service NSW and removes reptiles from Tweed properties, said he isn't surprised that snakes are seeking shelter in residential addresses.

"They might be coming to find shade ... they could be looking for water in dog bowls and a lot of the time they are chased into shelters by predators" Mr. Burnett said.

If you do find a snake on your property this spring, phone the Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers on 02 6672 4789 for tips or removal.

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