Wednesday, 30 October 2013

New species of gecko, skink and frog discovered in Australia

Discoveries in remote Cape York Peninsula
October 2013. A James Cook University-National Geographic expedition to Cape York Peninsula in north-east Australia has found three vertebrate species new to science. The species appear to have been isolated for millions of years and include a bizarre looking leaf-tail gecko, a golden-coloured skink and a boulder-dwelling frog.

Cape Melville
Dr Conrad Hoskin from James Cook University and National Geographic photographer/Harvard University researcher Dr Tim Laman teamed up for an expedition to explore a remote mountain range on Cape York Peninsula in north-east Australia. The rugged mountain range of Cape Melville is an amazing place-millions of black granite boulders the size of cars and houses piled hundreds of meters high. Surveys have previously been conducted in the boulder-fields around the base of Cape Melville but the plateau of boulder-strewn rainforest on top had remained largely unexplored, fortressed by massive boulder walls.

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