Monday, 30 December 2013

Watch out for cat burglars Denis ‘The Menace’ and Theo

You may want to keep an eye out for two thieving felines during the holidays after their owners warned they would be up to no good.
Denis ‘The Menace’ from Luton is well known for his light fingers and his peculiar taste in underwear.
As well as his undergarment fetish he also likes to bring home wrapping paper but without any presents inside, according to his owner Lesley Newman.
His fellow cat burglar Theo, a three-year-old Siamese cross, is a more successful bandit.
Owners Rachael Drouet and Paul Edwards from Ipswich, Suffolk, say he likes to bring home clothing, phone chargers and other cats’ toys.
But he has yet to get into the full swing of things this year and has so far only managed to grab Christmas decorations from neighbours’ trees.

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