Monday, 24 February 2014

Flopsy the Devonshire rabbit turns 'hen-triloquist' to cluck to chickens

A rabbit who shares his home with two chickens has turned hen-triloquist - by learning to cluck.

Two-year-old Flopsy began imitating feathered pals Norah and Shadow after living alongside them in her owner's greenhouse.

Animal lover Alison Ewers, 55, had no idea about her bunny's talent for mimicry until she took it to a vet for an operation.

Baffled Helen Bull, principal vet at the Mole Valley Practice in Heathfield, Devon, heard Flopsy making a bizarre noise.

The more she listened the more it sounded like a chicken clucking.

Helen has treated thousands of rabbits before and never heard one making a similar sound.

She said: "I know Flopsy lives with chickens and she happened to make a clucking noise during my consultation. I've never heard anything like it before."

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