Thursday, 20 February 2014

Scientists discover new species with fatal attraction on Queensland's Gold Coast hinterland

By Elise Worthington

Queensland scientists have discovered a new species of mouse-like marsupial renowned for its deadly breeding habits in the Gold Coast hinterland.

The carnivorous antechinus received international attention last year after scientists found the male of the species was dying from stress after over-enthusiastic marathon mating sessions.
Now researchers have discovered a new species, the black-tailed antechinus.

It is thought the species is only found in high-altitude, wet areas in the Springbrook National Park between northern New South Wales and the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Dr Andrew Baker, from the Queensland University of Technology, says researchers are applying for an endangered species listing while they conduct more research.

"They probably follow the typical pattern of antechinus, which is all males are dead before they turn one year old," he said.

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