Friday, 21 March 2014

Pod of dolphins die after getting trapped in ice-field

March 2014: Shocking footage has revealed the last desperate moments of around 30 white beaked dolphins trapped in the ice off southwestern Newfoundland.

The pod would have become trapped between the shoreline and the icefield after the emergence of spring caused the heavy pack ice to move south from Labrador to the north and east of Newfoundland and into the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Speaking to CTV news the head of Whale Release and Strandings in Portugal Cove-St. Philip's N.L., Wayne Ledwell said: "It was expected because of the heavy ice pack and the strong winds that were forcing them on land". They can panic and die real quick when they’re pushed onshore.”

“The Gulf of St. Lawrence is chock-a-block with pack ice,” he said. That’s a famous area for entrapment because of the pack ice and the way that the peninsula juts out.”

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