Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Rare sei whale spotted off Cornwall's coast in Penzance

A rare whale has been spotted off the coast of Penzance.

Experts believe these photographs show a sei whale – the creatures rarely visit water around the UK.

Sei whale mother and calf Christin Khan NOAA.jpg
Wikipedia file photo
Sei whales are the third largest rorqual after the blue whale and fin whale.

These photographs were taken by Penzance-based marine wildlife tour company Marine Discovery.

Hannah Jones, from Marine Discovery, said: “We're usually the last people to try and make things sound rarer than they actually are - after all simply seeing any whales off the coast of Cornwall is exciting enough. Reasons we think this whale was a Sei Whale; very visible blow, but probably not dense or tall enough for a fin whale; blow and fin seen at same time; "chin up" surface with pronounced rostrum (the "seam" running from the blowholes to the tip of the upper jaw); spots! On one of the photos, there are visible pale spots behind the fin; swathes of pale colouration on the back (though minkes do often have this as well) Feasibly large, sickle shaped fin, though you can never ID rorqual whales from the fin alone.”

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