Friday, 29 August 2014

Real-life mutant ninja turtle: Reptile with TWO HEADS is found amongst huge shipment from China

Two-headed snapping turtle discovered at turtle farm in Amagon, Arkansas
Baby turtle is yet to be named, but the farm plans to find it a new home
Turtle, which arrived from China in shipment of 30,000 of the reptiles, is expected to be sold to a collector 

PUBLISHED: 15:51, 27 August 2014 | UPDATED: 18:03, 27 August 2014

They do say two heads are better than one, but workers at a turtle farm in the U.S. had never before seen anything like this.

A two-headed snapping turtle has been discovered at the Northeast Ark Turtle Farm, in Amagon, Arkansas, in a shipment of 30,000 of the reptiles shipped from China.

The baby turtle is yet to be named, but representatives at the farm have confirmed they will be looking for a new home for the young reptile. 

The baby turtle was discovered at the farm last week, according to The Jonesboro Sun.

A state biologist has said turtle mutations are rare, but are becoming more common. 

Workers at the farm have previously discovered a hatchling with one neck and two heads, but that died at birth.

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