Monday, 21 September 2015

Chimpanzees get excited by TV shows featuring humans dressed up as apes

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Sep 21, 2015 

Fumihiro Kano of Kyoto University, Japan, said in a press release: “We were giving juice while showing the videos to them, but some of them even forgot to drink juice and stared at the movies!”

Kano created two short films. The first film feature an aggressive person in an ape suit, who comes out from one of two identical doors. In the second film, a human actor grabs one of two objects and attacks the ape-like character with it.

An eye tracker showed that the mammals anticipated the events in the movie, even after watching it only once.

They directed their view towards the door on the second viewing of the film, where they knew the human in an ape suit would appear.

When they re-watched the second film, they looked towards the object that would be used as a weapon, even if it was placed in a different place.

This means that they stored knowledge of the films into their long-term memory, much like humans do, and can use that information to anticipate events.

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