Thursday, 10 September 2015

Blue whale photographed in English seas 'for the first time' in waters off Cornwall

Scientists photographed the huge mammal 250 miles off the Cornish coast, in the first sighting in English waters since whalers nearly wiped them out

By Patrick Sawer, and David Barrett

4:30PM BST 02 Sep 2015

For years they had been hunted to near-extinction by the whalers of the north-east Atlantic greedy for their valuable blubber.

But in a measure of their recovery a blue whale has been spotted some 250 miles off the coast of Cornwall.

The rare sighting of the world's largest animal has stunned and delighted marine biologists in equal measure.

A scientific expedition caught the mammal on camera by chance, capturing what they describe as "conclusive" photographs of the majestic creature.

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