Friday, 11 September 2015

European Court rejects final appeal to allow seal hunting

An appeal to allow commercial trade in harp seal products has been rejected by The European Court of Justice has rejected. 

In August 2010, the European Parliament and Council of the European Union’s ban of the trade in commercial seal products went into effect. The ban prohibits the importation, exportation, and sale of all commercial harp and hooded seal products in the European Union, and marked an enormous triumph in the battle to end the cruel and unnecessary slaughter of seals. 

Every year in Canada thousands of baby seals are slaughtered on the ice for their fur, and the Canadian government continues to support the industry. The appeal was brought to the court by commercial sealing interests and some Inuit representatives with regard to this ban on trade in seal products, when the European Parliament voted 550 to 49 in favour of a strong ban on trade in products of commercial seal hunts.

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