Monday, 19 October 2015

Koko the gorilla meets two new kittens for her birthday, melts our hearts

OCTOBER 16, 2015

by Savanna Walker

Apparently it’s not enough for Koko the gorilla to be brilliant- she also has to be heartbreakingly adorable. She’s frequently made headlines for her incredible vocabulary of 1,000 signs and ability to understand 2,000 words in English. She's about to turn 44 after providing us with a wealth of knowledge about human-animal communication.

The Gorilla Foundation’s work with Koko has lasted 40 years and is the longest effort at inter-species communication in history. Dr. Penny Patterson instituted the foundation in the seventies when she met an undernourished baby Koko living at the San Francisco zoo-- Koko was so sweet Dr. Patterson decided to use her as a jumping off point for studies on Gorilla communication.

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