Friday, 16 October 2015

Major wildlife trafficking ring foiled by Beijing Forest Police

Sixteen suspects have been arrested by Beijing Forest Police following an investigation into a major wildlife trafficking case code-named “May 21”, which led to the confiscation of wildlife products including 804.4 kg ivory, 11.3 kg rhino horn and 35 bear paws. 

The total value of the haul was in the region of RMB24 million (almost USD4 million) and 
Beijing Forest Police told a press conference the seizure was the biggest ever in terms of the scale of the smuggling operations behind it.

The criminal gang behind the trafficking were said to possess their own processing factory, warehouses and vehicles for transportation. The three month operation uncovered a trafficking ring that led from Japan through Hong Kong to mainland China, where the gang was said to operate across a network that ranged from Guangdong to Shandong and Beijing, using antique shops as cover for their operations and using online illegal trading and couriers for their distribution. 

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