Friday 12 April 2019

'No clue': environment department doesn't know if threatened species plans implemented

Australia has highest rate of mammal extinction in the world but government admits it ‘does not have data’ on plans
Wed 20 Mar 2019 17.00 GMTLast modified on Wed 20 Mar 2019 23.08 GMT
The federal environment department has admitted it does not know whether recovery plans meant to prevent extinctions of threatened species are actually being implemented.
In responses to questions on notice from Labor during recent Senate estimates hearings, the department said it “does not have data on the total number of conservation plans – recovery plans and conservation advices – being implemented”.
Labor’s environment spokesman, Tony Burke, said the admission “reinforces the need for new environmental laws”, something Labor has promised but not yet released the policy detail on.
Burke said: “What’s the point in listing threatened species if there’s no plan for the species to recover? Even a species as iconic as a koala, which I listed more than six years ago, still doesn’t have a recovery plan.”

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