Sunday 18 August 2019

Stranger sea things turning up off Nova Scotia shores

AUGUST 7, 2019
by Alison Auld, Dalhousie University
Lloyd Bond has been diving the waters of Nova Scotia for the last 20 years, often coming across flatfish, lobster and sea urchins that typically populate cooler northern climates.
But in recent years, the recreational diver has been spotting far more exotic species that appear to be drifting north and settling into warmer Atlantic waters.
He has documented everything from tiny seahorses and sleek cornet fish to triggerfish and brightly colored butterfly fish—all creatures that appear to be moving north on the Gulf Stream.
And what was once a rare occurrence is not so unusual for Bond who routinely sees tropical and subtropical fish in his favorite dive sites after seeing his first one in Nova Scotia about eight years ago.
"It seems that in the last five years, it is more and more regular and some species I find every year," says Bond, the paint shop supervisor at Dalhousie.

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