Wednesday 14 August 2019

New monkey species discovered in the Amazon's 'arc of deforestation'

AUGUST 8, 2019

by Nathan Williams, Fauna & Flora International
A new species of marmoset has been discovered in the southwest of Pará State in Brazil, a discovery that, while thrilling, already has conservationists worrying about its long-term prospects.
This is because the marmoset was discovered in an area of the Amazon known as the "arc of deforestation" that has suffered extensive illegal logging and agricultural expansion. Researchers say the threats in this area are intensifying, and infrastructure development, including roads and hydro-electric power plants, are also encroaching into the new marmoset's habitat.
Based on its discovery location, the researchers say the monkey is endemic to an area of approximately 55,000 square kilometres in the southwest of Pará State, Brazil.
The new species has been named Mico munduruku after the Munduruku Amerindians that inhabit the area.

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