Monday 12 August 2019

Stunning Photo Captures the Moment a Sea Lion Was Nearly Swallowed By a Whale

By Mindy Weisberger 12 days ago

A group of sea lions in Monterey Bay, California were chasing fish alongside a pod of humpback whales when the hunt took an unexpected turn. As a whale hurtled up from the deep to swallow fish near the surface, it nearly swallowed a sea lion in a single gulp.

Wildlife photographer Chase Dekker captured the astounding image while on a whale-watching boat with the tour agency Sanctuary Cruises, and he shared the photo on Facebook and Instagram on July 23.

In the image, the alarmed-looking seal rests on the whale's lower jaw, poised to slide down into its throat. 

However, the seal was spared that gruesome fate. Dekker posted on Facebook that he was "100% confident" that the sea lion escaped, because "the whale kept its mouth wide open as it sank back down into the sea," he wrote.

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