Thursday 19 March 2020

Two of the last white giraffes on Earth were slaughtered by poachers

There may be just one white giraffe left, conservationists said.

Two rare white giraffes spotted in Kenya's Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy in 2017.
(Image: © Hirola Conservation Program)

Rangers at a nature conservancy in Garissa County, Kenya, have discovered the skeletal remains of two rare white giraffes that went missing several months ago. 

According to a statement issued on Twitter, the carcasses belong to a mother and her 7-month-old calf — two of only three white giraffes living in Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy — and appear to have been there for four months. All signs indicate that the animals were killed and butchered by armed poachers.

"This is a very sad day for the community… and Kenya as a whole. We are the only community in the world who are custodians of the white giraffe," Mohammed Ahmednoor, manager of the conservancy, said in the statement.

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