Saturday, 11 July 2009

Blue Lobster Is 1 in 2 Million Find

July 9) -- A blue lobster is likely feeling anything but after his rare color saved him from being served as dinner.

The blue-hued crustacean, named Donald, has been displayed in a tank at a restaurant in Charlottetown on Canada's Prince Edward Island for several weeks, CBC News reported.

The 2-pound lobster is attracting a few visitors to the Water-Prince Corner Shop and Lobster Pound, some more interested than others.

"We have been asked for a certain time or two to serve a blue lobster," store owner Shane Campbell told CBC News. "We wouldn't bother doing it, because it's more valuable to us to either have (it) mounted or put back in the ocean."

Donald is a truly rare find: Only one in 2 million lobsters is blue.

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