Saturday, 16 October 2010

Going, going, GONE! Pigeon shuns chance of great escape after being scooped up by hungry pelican in London park

When a pigeon was gobbled up by a greedy pelican, it looked like instant game over for the little bird.

But when the predator unexpectedly opened up his huge beak again, the pigeon was given a chance to save himself and fly away.

Confusingly, however, the dopey bird instead chose to simply sit in the beak taking in the view - and missed his only opportunity to escape.

Not surprisingly, he was eaten up.

Photographer Paul Mansfield, 44, captured the remarkable scene while on a day trip to London with his family.

The pigeon had been pecking at crumbs in St James' Park, Westminster, when he was targeted by the pelican.

Mr Mansfield said: 'I noticed a small crowd gathered at the side of a lake that was 'oohing' and 'arghing'.

'On closer inspection I could see what all the fuss was about.

'On the grassy bank a pelican had managed to gobble up a pigeon.'

Mr Mansfield, from Brighton, East Sussex, added: 'The crowd was willing it to escape, with shouts of "Come on, you can do it!".'

'During one such moment the pigeon stood inside the peak, head peering out, with its body silhouetted on the pelican's pouch.

'There was another big gulp and you could see the pigeon slide further down the pouch.

'Then another and it was gone. There were gasps of disbelief from many in the crowd.'

Unbelievably the same pelican then gulped another bird nearby and the whole process started again.

Mr Mansfield said: 'I had seen enough and headed for more pleasant vistas along the South Bank.'


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  1. Could it be that this stupid behaviour, is where we get the term "Bird Brained" from.


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