Sunday, 17 October 2010

Will for Wildlife Week

Make nature your legacy

Take action for wildlife this Will for Wildlife Week

Once a love of nature has us in its grasp, it becomes part of us and, we want to protect it. Will for Wildlife Week, from 18 to 22 October, offers the chance to take action for the benefit of wildlife and future generations, with The Wildlife Trusts.

Anyone with an interest in nature will have green spaces in their local area that are special to them - perhaps it's somewhere to walk the dog, sit and think, or play with the children. Often there is a local Wildlife Trust, looking after this space so that it remains a healthy habitat for wildlife, and a place people can enjoy. But they cannot do this without the generous support of the public. Legacies are one of their most important sources of income.

Whether it's the stir of the wind in the leaves, the brush of wildflower petals at your ankles or the hum of bees collecting nectar that gives you pleasure, your mark can be left indelibly within them if you leave a will for wildlife.

A donation of any size could help purchase new land to transform into a thriving habitat, go towards managing a wetland where wading birds can thrive, or connect fragmented patches of woodland or wildflower meadow, linking them into a new living network.

Sir David Attenborough, vice-president of The Wildlife Trusts, said: "Anyone who cares about wildlife has a marvellous opportunity to do something quite unique, by remembering their local Wildlife Trust in their will. This generous act is one of the most important things you can do to make sure the species and habitats we love will be there for future generations to enjoy."

The Wildlife Trusts' chief executive, Stephanie Hilborne, added: "Legacies make a huge difference to The Wildlife Trusts. A donation to your local Trust in your will means you can look after the natural environment on your doorstep in future, making sure your ancestors can benefit from it the same way that you have.

"We believe many people would like to write, or update, their will to reflect their current situation but simply haven't got round to it yet. A clearly written will, kept updated throughout your life, is essential to ensure that your wishes are respected."

Select solicitors are offering discounts on will writing in connection to Will for Wildlife week. To find out if there are any in your area, or if you want to know how else you can get involved in Will for Wildlife Week, contact your local Wildlife Trust. You can find their details here:

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