Monday, 27 December 2010

Hairless animal 'could be chupacabra' (via Rebecca Lang)

A Kentucky farmer has shot and killed an unidentifiable animal which some local residents believe could be proof of a mythical creature.

Locals in Nelson County have developed theories about the animal, saying it could be anything - a cat, a rat, a raccoon, an opossum or the legendary "chupacabra ", WLKY Louisville reports.

"I just happened to walk out onto the porch and saw something moving in the field and it looked unusual," said farmer Mark Cothren.

The animal moved closer to Mr Cothren's house and after staring at it through binoculars, he was still unable to determine what it was.

"Well, it's something strange so I got my rifle to shoot it, get a closer look," Mr Cothren said.
"And I'm glad I did because I don't know what it is."

Some people think the hairless creature could be proof of the existence of the chupacabra, a creature of urban legend whose name means "goat-sucker" in Spanish.

People have reported sightings all over the United States since at least 1995.

The elusive dog-like creature reportedly attacks livestock, bleeding them dry. According to legend, their favourite animal to kill is goats.

But many animal authorities don't believe the theories surrounding the existence of the chupacabra, with Laura Higgason of the Humane Society and Animal Control saying the creature can easily be explained.

"It looks like its probably a raccoon or an opossum with mange," she said.

"It's not a mysterious animal."

The mystery is set to be solved soon with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife testing the animal's DNA to determine exactly what it is.

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