Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Stranded Coyote Rescued

It's Christmas time, it's freezing, and transport is proving to be anabsolute nightmare. What you need it a cute story about an animal in the snow. And guess what? We have one right here. It involves a coyote (not the cutest of beasties, admittedly, and WileE. hasn't helped their PR much) and a small chunk of ice on Lake Michigan.

Stranded on the slice of solid water, it was noticed by passers-by,who swiftly called up rescue teams to save the poor furry bugger – and even attracted the attention of helicopter news crews, who recorded his eventual saviours picking him up from a boat.

At one point the coyote – which locals called "Holly" – tried to save himself by swimming out in the ice-cold water, only to realise the error of his ways and haul himself up onto another chunk of ice soonafter. Since his rescue, he's been given a full clean bill of health by a veterinarian. Wonderful stuff... now if only we could get home on time – and without slipping over. Now that would be a Christmas miracle. Read more: http://www.asylum.co.uk/2010/12/20/coyote-block-of-ice-lake-michigan-rescue/#ixzz18jVpYcNG

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