Sunday, 12 June 2011

Crocodiles in bedroom shock police team

London, June 8 : A team of policemen on a routine visit to a suburban home in south London had the shock of their life when they found four crocodiles in a bedroom.

The officers had visited the semi-detached house on an unrelated matter but made the surprise discovery of the reptiles in a bedroom, Daily Mail reported.

The West African dwarf crocodiles were crammed into makeshift tanks in the spare bedroom of the house in Waddon, Croydon, South London.

The largest of the reptiles, measuring over four feet, was in such a bad condition that it died soon after being transferred. The other three smaller female crocodiles were found in cramped and dirty pond liners.

The police called council licensing officers, who came to seize the crocodiles.

Rob Quest, manager of the London Animal Health Service, said he was shocked to discover it was rescuing crocodiles.

He said: "We were very surprised to get the phone call and to discover there were West African Dwarf Crocodiles.

"We are usually called in to collect venomous snakes."

The animals have since been transferred to Birdworld in Surrey where they are being fed on white mice and are happily sharing a large pond with terrapin turtles.

The owner of the protected animals did not have a licence for them and is expected to be charged with four counts under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 and faces a substantial fine.


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