Thursday, 29 March 2012

$1,000,000 to save 3 elephants? Ridiculous waste whilst elephants being butchered in Africa for lack of a few dollars

TV Gameshow host Bob Barker wastes $1 million on 'saving' 3 elephants
March 2012.  Bob Barker, the retired US gameshow host who has funded many animal rights issues, (notably the Sea Shepherd anti whaling ship, the 'Bob Barker') has offered to pay up to $1 million to fly three elephants that are no longer wanted by Toronto Zoo to California so they can take up residence in the PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society) sanctuary in California.
Mr Barker supports animal and conservation causes, but Wildlife Extra can't help feeling that if he wanted to save elephants, targetting those in most need would have been much more productive.
With the recent killing of as many as 500 elephants in Cameroon and, as this utterly brutal photo from the Democratic Republic of Congo illustrates, terrible atrocities being carried out against elephants in many parts of Africa, a few dollars spent in the right way in the roght place would do a great deal more good than flying 3 elephants from Toronto to California. 
Virunga's elephants anmd the fight to save them
Emmanuelle de Merode, of the Virunga Park team, says "There are about 80 elephants in the Mabenga area; it's one of the park's most important populations to have survived the war. We have received information that the people involved in the killing of the elephant are still in the area and we must deal with this problem. We will be putting together a team of ten rangers to specifically protect this area. We also need to build proper surveillance, elephant monitoring, intelligence gathering etc. For that reason, we want to set up an elephant protection unit as a long term solution to the poaching problem. Their job will be to provide 24 / 7 protection to the Mabenga elephants to avoid their possible extinction."

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