Sunday, 25 March 2012

Illegal settlers seek permission to shoot every elephant

Update on Chiredzi River Conservancy - Courtesy of Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force. 
March 2012. Despite numerous reports and photos having been supplied to the authorities, the destruction of Chiredzi River Conservancy by illegal settlers continues unabated. It is now alleged that the settlers are putting together a petition to present to parliament requesting that all the elephants be shot as they are destroying their crops. This is a very strange request in view of the fact that crops can't be successfully grown in this arid area which is entirely unsuitable for arable crops. 

Another ranch invaded

Settlers have now started invading Oscro Ranch which is one of the last remaining areas of Chiredzi River Conservancy with no settlers. They are moving into the area, chopping down trees and building shelters. All these people have already taken land elsewhere in the conservancy. Reports are made daily to the police but they have not responded. It is alleged that war vets are the driving force behind these invasions.
To find out more, or to help them with their work, please click Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force. Please help them if you can.  

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