Monday, 26 March 2012

One Year Later, Rehabilitated Golden Eagle's Path Revealed

ScienceDaily (Mar. 22, 2012) — A rare golden eagle rehabilitated and released last year from the Tufts Wildlife Center spent the summer around the Quebec/Labrador border, then returned to the New York/Connecticut area where it was originally found, new data has revealed. 

The eagle, which was found in Amenia, N.Y. by snowmobilers in February 2011, had sustained multiple puncture wounds on its left leg, likely caused by an animal it was trying to capture. It was also knuckling on its left foot, and was ultimately transferred to the Tufts Wildlife Clinic for treatment and released last March 25.
Prior to release, the golden eagle was outfitted with a GPS-GSM telemetry unit and a tracking band by Todd Katzner, Ph.D., a research assistant professor at West Virginia University, whose work focuses on tracking the migratory patterns of golden eagles, which, although not endangered, are rare in the eastern parts of North America.
The tracking data has revealed the bird's flight pattern over the past year.

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