Thursday, 29 March 2012

First butterfly of 2012

First butterflies of 2012.
March 2012. Whilst others have been lucky to spot butterflies earleir this year, we at Wildlife Extra had seen none until the last 2-3 days. However the first 2-3 we saw were not good enough to sit still and let us identify them, let alone photograph them. So with the current hot weather we determined to get out and record our first sighting. Having spent a good 45 slogging uphill through brambles, we eventually spotted the peacock butterfly below. In fact there were 2 together their, on top of Credenhill in Herefordshire.
So we headed back down through the brambles and across the fields, to find the Peacock below about 15 yeards from our front door.
More worryingly, the pond that is usually full of frogs spawn at this time of year, and is a good source for damselflies, is bone dry, without even a hint of dampness. See image below.
Butterfly Conservation - First sightings of each species

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