Monday, 2 July 2012

Australia’s Northern Territory planning to allow trophy hunting for crocodiles

Shoot down NT 'trophy hunt' plans
June 2012. When commercial croc hunting was banned in Australia's Northern Territory in 1985, two ex-hunters put down their guns and began taking visitors on tours along the Adelaide River, just east of Darwin, to admire the local residents: crocodiles. Sadly, the crocodiles who so many people travel to the Northern Territory to admire are being threatened with plans of commercial "safari hunts".

The Federal Government is considering a proposal by the Northern Territory Government to trial the commercial hunting of crocodiles. Under the plan the lives of 50 saltwater crocodiles would be essentially sold to the highest bidder for 'thrill kills', every year. While the Northern Territory already has a 'crocodile management' program, opening up this slaughter to amateur shooters exposes these animals to terrible cruelty. There is absolutely no conservation benefit whatsoever to allowing crocodiles to be hunted for trophies, nor is it a way to control 'problem' crocs.
Australia's international reputation is already tarnished by the commercial slaughter of other native animals. Introducing 'safari hunting' of crocodiles would only reinforce the idea that our native animals are there to be shot rather than admired.
Write to Australia's Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke to guarantee that he will not allow 'safari hunting' of crocodiles in the NT. Click here for more details.

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