Thursday, 5 July 2012

Roaming tiger captured in Northern India

Another tiger captured from human settlement in Uttar Pradesh
June 2012. A young male sub-adult tiger that had been roaming out of forests in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has been tranquilised by a team from the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) and the Forest Department. A second tiger was recently caught by the Forest Department assisted by WTI and released in Dudhwa National Park.
The tiger has reportedly been roaming outside of the park since February. On June 1, WTI team was authorised to capture the animal by the Forest Department to prevent any conflict with the local population. The tiger had been killing poultry and small livestock, and even tied dogs. No humans were killed though an injury did result from accidental encounter.
"The tiger was first sighted in February by local people," said Dr Anil Kumar Singh, Regional Head, WTI. "It was tranquilised this afternoon at 3:00 pm by our veterinarian Dr Shahnaz Amin who was in the field along with our biologist Devendra Singh."
"Being covered in dense ipomea shrub, tracking and capture was quite a difficult exercise in the capture site. We had placed bait and covered the area with nets. When the tiger was found having taken the bait, the team entered into the bush in elephants and a tractor. The tiger was cornered and tranquilised," added Dr Kumar.
The tiger will be released in Pilibhit Forest Reserve, near the border with Nepal.

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