Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fourth Critically Endangered Red wolf killed in North Carolina

4% of entire world population known to have been shot in the last 2 months

November 2012. In what can only be described as a growing and worrying trend, a 4th Red wolf has been shot dead in North Carolina since September. This fourth wolf was found with a suspected gunshot wound on November 14, 2012, north of Fairfield, in Hyde County, N.C. It's the fourth radio-collared red wolf taken since September.

Whilst Wildlife Extra doesn't know exactly where the wolves were killed, it appears that these 4 wolves were all shot within 30-40 kilometres of each other. A recent change of rules by the local Wildlife Commission to allow night hunting of coyotes is being blamed as Red wolves are difficult to tall apart from Coyote, especially at night. Wildlife Extra questions whether someone is persecuting these wolves on purpose, and even whether it is possible that, as all these wolves had radio collars, they are being tracked by someone other than the Wildlife Service.

Reward for information
Anyone with information that directly leads to an arrest or a criminal conviction for the suspected unlawful take of this red wolf may be eligible for a reward of up to $2,500. Anyone with information on the death of this red wolf or any others, past or future, is urged to contact Special Agent Sandra Allred at (919) 856-4786, Refuge Officer Frank Simms at (252) 216-7504 or North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Officer Robert Wayne at (252) 216-8225.

The red wolf is protected under The Endangered Species Act. The maximum criminal penalties for the unlawful taking of a red wolf are one year imprisonment and $100,000 fine per individual.

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