Thursday, 22 November 2012

Foxy Thief Makes Off With Ill-Gotten Treats From Louisa Power

A mother-of-two in South East London was recently the victim of a bold mugging by a crafty animal as she walked home from a grocery store.

According to the Bexley Council, 46-year-old Louisa Power was carrying a bag of groceries home in Sidcup on Monday, when a wily fox appeared on the footpath in front of her and refused to move.

Power did her best to ignore the bushy-tailed creature and stepped around him as she continued down the path. Undeterred, the fox shuffled cautiously behind her and sniffed the grocery bag she was carrying.

"I used my handbag to try and shoo it away, but as I looked around, it was on my heel snarling at me; I ran away," Power told Metro UK.

The red-pawed marauder jumped up as Power attempted to make her getaway and grabbed her grocery bag from her hands. Booty in paw, the fox quickly turned tail and ran, she said.
Power told the News Shopper that the four-legged fiend made off with her apples and spring onions. She was, however, able to retrieve a few scant items that fell out of the bag when the cunning vermin made his escape.

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