Monday, 19 November 2012

House spider nearly killed me

A WOMAN told last night how she nearly died after being bitten by a HOUSE SPIDER — in her suburban UK home.

The creature, normally harmless, nipped Natalie Hemme, 31, as she lay in bed. Her arm swelled, stopping the blood flow and turning the limb septic.

She said in Wallington, Surrey: “It was agony. I was lucky to survive. You’d expect it in Australia — but not in Surrey.”

Natalie looked like a car smash victim after developing Compartment Syndrome from her bite.

It is a gruesome-looking condition in which swelling cuts off the blood flow, causing muscle and flesh to die.

Surgeons planned to amputate Natalie’s arm after it turned septic, putting her life at risk. They just managed to save it in five operations.

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