Friday, 23 November 2012

Russian man fined $18,500 for killing Amur tiger

Man claimed he killed tiger in self-defence
November 2012. A Russian man convicted of killing an endangered Amur tiger has been sentenced to 14 months disciplinary labour and required to pay a fine of US$ 18,500. The perpetrator's hunting rights have also revoked and his firearm confiscated.

During the course of the trial investigators were able to prove that the killing was intentional, not self-defence as the man purported. Forensic evidence demonstrated that the man was a long distance from the tiger when the initial shots were fired and that the animal tried to flee and hide from the hunter.

Pursued wounded tiger
The man pursued the wounded tiger, which made a final feeble attempt to defend itself before the fatal shot was fired at close range. The hunter sustained a scratch on his face and a broken finger. If not weakened, such a blow would have caused much more severe injuries.

WWF staff-members are greatly saddened by the death of the tiger, with which they were familiar with from years of conservation work in the area. "We have met this male when doing annual winter tiger monitoring. It was never regarded as a conflict tiger," said Pavel Fomenko, biodiversity conservation program coordinator at WWF-Russia's Amur branch. "Examination of its dead body proved that the tiger was satiated and well-nourished. And a healthy and well-fed tiger never attacks a human if it is not wounded or threatened."

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