Wednesday, 26 December 2012

One armed orangutan released back into forest after rehabilitation

Pelansi, the Bornean orangutan who lost his hand after being caught in a snare, is given the gift of freedom for Christmas.

December 2012. A young male orangutan that spent several days trapped in a snare resulting in the amputation of his right hand and half his arm, has been released back into the forests of West Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo after months of treatment and rehabilitation.

Original forest now a palm oil plantation
A team from International Animal Rescue Indonesia (Yayasan IAR Indonesia) and the Agency for Natural Resources Conservation (BKSDA) Ketapang have released Pelansi in Pematang Gadung forest. As his original home in the forest has been completely destroyed and converted into palm plantations, Pelansi has had to be reintroduced into a different area. After the release, a team of experts will follow and monitor Pelansi closely to see how he is coping with his disability.

Pematang Gadung is one of the forests in Ketapang Regency with the richest biodiversity. Many endangered species can be found in the forest which is patrolled and monitored by a volunteer group of local villagers from the community of Pematang Gadung. Yet this area is not currently officially protected. "With the release of this orangutan and by raising awareness of the condition of orangutans and their habitat in Ketapang, we also hope that Pematang Gadung will be given the protected status that it deserves" states Adi Irawan, Manager of the International Animal Rescue programme in Ketapang.

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