Friday, 18 January 2013

New website tracks global ivory seizures and poaching incidents exposes bloody ivory trade: do Africa's elephants face extinction?

January 2013. Born Free Foundation, a global leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation, has launched a new website, that reveals the shocking truth behind the criminal illegal ivory trade and the challenges facing elephants throughout their natural range.

Will Travers OBE, the charity's Chief Executive Officer, acknowledged: "The ivory trade is a brutal business, devastating entire elephant families, causing massive suffering to individuals - and now severely impacting populations in all four regions of Africa, putting some of these most vulnerable populations at risk of extinction. shows the world what is really happening to elephants and encourages all compassionate people and ‘Elefriends' everywhere to lend their voices to the chorus declaring: NO MORE IVORY TRADE."

Elephant massacre in Kenya has been updated and expanded, and features new information exposing the depth of this ongoing crisis. Recently, news out of Kenya reported that an insidious criminal cartel had wiped out an entire family of 12 elephants for their ivory in the worst single incident of its kind in the country.

Ivory seized in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Customs seized a total of 1,209 pieces of ivory tusks and 1.4 kilograms of ivory ornaments in October 2012.

On 5th January, Hong Kong's customs seized 779 ivory tusks weighing more than a thousand kilos and valued at more than £900,000. This, the most recent of the four largest seizures in 4 months (which total a staggering 12 tonnes) is clear evidence that Asian demand continues to drive brutal elephant poaching and ruthless international profiteering.

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