Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Cat saved by homeless man travels 3,600 miles with him, will return to family

A cat who left her Portland, Oregon home on a rainy night ten months ago will finally be returning to her family. On Tuesday, June 18, KCPQ 13 News reported that the cat, named Mata Hairi, will be reunited with her family after traveling 3,600 miles with the homeless man who saved her.

The Independent Record reported that the cat left her Portland, Ore. house on a rainy night and never made it back. She was later rescued by a homeless man named Michael King.

For a homeless man, a cat isn't the most convenient companion, but King saw that this little animal needed his help. When King found Mata, she was in poor shape.

"I didn’t pick her up because I wanted a cat. I saved her life," King explained.

One of her eyes was puffy from fighting and he helped nurse her back to health. King then took the cat with him on a 3,600 mile journey.

When he traveled to Montana, he took her to a veterinarian who found the cat's microchip and located her owner.

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