Thursday, 17 October 2013

'Flying ant month' revealed by social media

The UK experienced a month of flying ants this summer, scientists have said.

Results from this year's flying ant survey show four peaks of ant emergence during a four week period and included data from social media for the first time.

Last year's results dispelled the myth of a single flying ant day by revealing two peaks of activity over a fortnight.

The results were presented by ecologist Professor Adam Hart during a 24 hour lecture as part of Biology Week.

The flying ant survey is conducted by the Society of Biology and University of Gloucestershire.

"Last year we were surprised by two distinct flying ant days, so having such a long period of flying ant sightings this year was even more of a shock," said Prof Hart, ecologist from the University of Gloucestershire.

Black garden ants (Lasius niger) are the most commonly seen flying ant in the UK when the summer skies fill with a mix of males and potential queens.

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