Sunday, 13 October 2013

Inssssane! Man CHOOSES to be bitten by venomous snakes

MEET the brave bloke who LETS poisonous snakes bite him and sink their venom into his body.

Tim Friede, 45, has survived over 100 bites from poisonous snakes after he built up his immunity by injecting himself with diluted venom.

Now he is only too happy to let a snake bite him on the arm and then sit back and let the pain subside.

Many would question why Tim, whose arm balloons in size due to the poison beringing about a potentially fatal allergic reaction, would want to do this, but he insists he has a good reason.

The jobless factory worker says he want to prove that millions of people who are at risk from snake bites could be made immune if they followed his lead.

He said: "I hope through developing my own resistance to poison some solid groundwork can be laid to build a vaccine for the 125,000 people who die from snakebites every year.

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