Thursday, 3 October 2013

New Traps for Burmese Pythons

New Traps for Burmese Pythons
Published September 30th, 2013

GAINESVILLE-- There is a new trap to capture Burmese pythons.

The trap looks like a long, thin cage with a detachable net at one end for larger snakes.

It is 5-feet-long and made from galvanized steel wire.

The cage is designed with two separate triggers that need to pushed down at the same time… this keeps smaller snakes and animals from being trapped.

The Gainesville field station for the National Wildlife Research Center is testing traps in a natural enclosed area with five pythons.

"This trap is just one tool that you would have in a tool box. It's not the silver bullet, it's something that needs to be added to other techniques, methodologies, and it still has more to be tested to see if we can develop lures or other ways to get them in the traps," said wildlife biologist, John Humphrey.

Humphrey developed the trap in collaboration with Tomahawk Live Trap Company.

The traps have yet to be tested in the wild.

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