Sunday, 17 November 2013

Three not so little pig ‘fugitives’ caught after spending month away fattening up

Three little pigs from Lancashire returned from a jaunt away all fattened up after managing to avoid being eaten by a big bad wolf.

The runaways had absconded from Bowland forest, near Clitheroe, almost a month ago, with the worst feared for the saddlebacks.

But the six-month-old sows were spotted recently looking quite different from when they had left, having gained a lot of weight.

The animals were either trying to change their appearance so they wouldn’t be recognised, or more likely had been gorging themselves on acorns because they were greedy.

‘We found them on moorland belonging to another farmer and that farmer, the pigs’ owner and myself were able to capture the three after a bit of pig wrestling,’ said Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s Phil Dykes.

‘They are now safely back in the woodland, but they seem to have almost doubled in size since they went missing, probably because of the large amounts of acorns around at the moment.’

The pigs were being used as part of a grazing trial at the woodland.

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